Sunny winter day

In yesterday was this magnificent sunny winter day. The moon was shining strong in the bright blue sky with the sun facing it from a different direction. The weather was chilly with just small amounts of wind. What followed that night was a spectacular show of northern lights (aurora borealis), that sadly I didn’t capture […]

Running man and dog

Sunset Breeze

Filmmaking in 2014

Filmmaking in 2014. A new year which means new ideas, new places, new projects and even new equipment! At first glance it seems like this year will be interesting and fun. I have two projects lined up so far, one which is in development and another one that is already in pre-production and later this […]

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays folks! This year, 2013, has been nice with couple of downs. I finally got a camera that could record video and I did gain some weight that was much needed via Crossfit. But then I couldn’t keep practicing anymore because of my wrist, so I had a surgery to fix that problem and […]


Hiking Mt. Esja 2

I figured I would make a small blog about my first trip hiking up Mt. Esja (914 m) (link).   I am not sure if you are familiar with Mt. Esja. It is a mountain 10 km away from the capital city of Iceland and is easily seen. Around 600 m height is a place called […]

Winter is coming..

Now, winter is coming.. or if you ask me, it has arrived and that with a lot of fun and beauty! Just the other day we had -15°c in Reykjavík, the capital city of Iceland. Thankfully it wasn’t that windy, otherwise my frozen fingers would have been blown off into the dark leaving me finger […]



How to export videos for YouTube and Vimeo

Now, this is the first time I make a video guide so bare with me. My hope is to make videos similar to this for most of my future guides and reviews, but with a little more extra than just a recording of what I am doing in the computer. Now, how to export videos […]

Flickr Explore and me (with a little story)

So what is this about Flickr and me? Well, I just achieved getting on their Explore section (link) for the first time since I started using Flickr.The first thing for me to show up on Explore was this little video called From Dusk (link). It didn’t stay in the Explore section for long, but just […]